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Decor trends for 2024 - exclusive wall decor

We’ve been following the home decor stage for a while, and the results are in - here are the ins and outs of the decor trends for 2024!



Vibrant colors and bold statements

This year’s decor style focuses heavily on bold, vibrant colors and powerful decor statements. The colors of 2024 are deep purples - plum and burgundy, along with earthy, brown colors.

Now what does this mean for this year’s wall decorations?


Wall decor colors

There are several colors that work well with the purples and brown colors of 2024:

  1. Gold: Adds a touch of luxury and warmth, contrasting the richness of the deep purples.
  2. Olive Green: Provides a natural, earthy contrast that harmonizes well with brown and purple tones.
  3. Cream or Beige: Soft, neutral shades that balance the intensity of the deep purples and browns.
  4. Charcoal Gray: A sophisticated and versatile color that grounds the palette and adds depth.
  5. Dusty Rose: Offers a delicate, feminine accent that pairs beautifully with deep purples.

If the base colors or the frame of your wall decor incorporates one of the colors above, paired with the correct wall color, you’ll create a well harmonized decor scape, which’ll make your guest's jaw drop.


Minimalism is here to stay

Contemporary art is not going anywhere, although 2024 is all about bold statements and vibrant colors - minimalism is here to stay.

An especially popular design is one-line art, which are simple designs - often black and white, created from a single line, depicting a motif.

Simplistic abstract pastel shapes are still featured in framed pieces across the globe, and remains a strong contender.


Abstract and fluid shapes

Another 2024 trend is to challenge the square and rigid shapes, inviting abstract and fluid shapes to the floor.


Large single statement pieces

It’s becoming increasingly popular to down-size the amount of wall decor and rather size up the pieces still hanging. In 2024 its popular with larger single statement pieces which tell the story of your heart.

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Accent walls begone

Accent walls are starting to fade out, a more popular choice is to take the design from the accent wall and apply it to the entire room - making a much bolder statement.


Sustainability central

Sustainability is getting more focus by the day, recycled pieces do make for fun and bold statements - and tend to make for unique conversational pieces.


Culture clash

Instead of picking one culture and creating a theme of that single culture, it has become popular to pick and choose the best furnishings from a whole range of cultures - creating a fun and colorful decor image.

There you have it, the decor trends of 2024! You can find your colorful and bold pieces here:

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