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How to choose art that your guests will admire

Are you scrolling through the catalog, asking yourself - “Canvas, pennant or poster. Whichever shall I choose?”

Woman sitting in front of laptop, looking to make a purchase ©Radiartvector property

Hopefully you find yourself asking that, or I’ll have to brush off the old resume sooner than I would’ve liked.

This blog post will bring clarity to your question. We will briefly explain the differences between canvas, pennants, and posters.

We will explore the customizable aspect of said posters - which, is currently a choice between ordering the framed option or not. I'll tell you what kind of feeling each medium creates, and finally, we’ll discuss the benefits of the different options, all while keeping the price point in mind.

Ready? Let’s dive into it!

Canvas: Your next timeless classic

Canvas are definitely the most popular option, in-store. It has the most amount of different designs. The sizes range from - frames you can almost fit into a cargo pants pocket, to something large enough to end the staring contest between you and your bare wall.

"Sunlit Reverie" by Radiartvector.


In addition, it is the most popular option among our customers, and for good reason. Its versatility can transform any room’s ambiance, and make a strong impact.

Canvas’ generally has a timeless feeling, depending on what the motive is, of course. The cotton/polymer composite wraps nicely around the pine frame, making the final product feel whole.

The canvas we are currently sourcing, are matte, meaning they reduce a lot of  the glare, which sneaks its way through your curtains and tries to ruin your wall decor experience.

The reduced glare makes it easier to admire your piece, although it is not recommended to hang your canvas in direct sunlight. Since the sun’s strong UV rays will, unfortunately, gnaw away at the paint, leaving the colors faded.

So much for vibrancy…

The costs vary as well, ranging from budget options, making them a tough contender for posters - to larger, more expensive pieces. 

Canvas are an all-round good option that have a very polished feel to them, due to the motif being stretched over the frame, covering the sides in a beautiful print. Altogether, canvas are a versatile option, fitting most people and their home decorative needs - without blowing the bank.

Pennants: An elegant addition

Ah, the pennant. It is hard not to appreciate its distinctive look, setting it apart from regular framed pictures. A timeless charm with an exclusivity that's genuinely hard to find elsewhere. But you know, there's this thing about having too much of a good thing. Pennants, they're bold, and you've got to thread a bit carefully with them, especially when it comes to where you plop 'em.Radiartvector's Feline Royalty, a pennant from the Vivid wildlife collection, The first piece under the umbrella category Radiartvector Signature

"Feline Royalty" by Radiartvector.

The wooden dowel gives it a natural look, making it a great choice for rooms with lighter colors or for homes with a rustic aesthetic, perhaps even your cabin.

For those aiming for a unique vibe beyond the usual framed pictures, they're a fantastic choice. They bring out the character in your space and are guaranteed to spark some interesting conversations.

Pennants are generally a bit more on the expensive side compared to posters, but they sure pack an aesthetic punch, giving its canvas counterpart a run for its money.

Are posters a good decor choice?

Yes they most certainly are!

Like canvas’, posters are fairly versatile. You can hang them anywhere, be it your A4 teenage bedroom, an elegant living room, the garage or even your bathroom. The great thing about posters is their versatility, especially when you pair them with different frames. Frames can really set the tone and mood, adding that extra layer of personality to your space.Radiartvector's Ephemeral Radiance, a poster within the Masters of Destiny collection

"Ephemeral Radiance" by Radiartvector.


Frames also help blend a poster into the room, or they can elevate the look of the poster, making it the focal point of any room. Not to mention that framing your poster significantly increases its lifetime and shields it from tears and dust. Plus, when you decide to take it down or move it elsewhere, there's no risk of damaging your cherished piece.

Posters are the cheapest product we have to offer here at Radiartvector, but do not let the price point fool you. These semi-glossy prints are of high quality and are perfect for those who don’t want to blow 2 Benjamins to spiff up their walls.

Radiartvector's Path of Resilience, a poster from the Destiny's Gateway collection

Due to their lower cost, posters are perfect for wall collages that are sure to grasp the attention of any visitor. Make sure that the posters compliment each other in regard to style, color usage and that they fit in with the aesthetics of the room, or they might end up making the wall feel cluttered.

The framed option will set you back a good chunk of money, but it will definitely be worth it, you will protect your poster indefinitely and it will help the poster to either blend in - or catch the attention of any aesthete.

Maintain your beautiful pieces

When cleaning posters, it is advised to only dust them with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. To not damage the paper.

The same goes for the canvas designs, but, if they have gathered some filth throughout the years, you can, very carefully - clean them with a damp cloth.

Since pennants are made from polyester twill, you can easily spot clean them and not worry about damaging the design. It is also advised - like the canvas and posters, to use a dry microfiber cloth to remove any accumulated dust.

Do remember to keep all of the prints out of direct sunlight, as to ensure the longevity of the colors. 

Man cleaning a canvas, Radiartvector property

What vibrant art piece, fits in your beautiful home?

To summarize, Posters are definitely the cheapest solution, though if you want to frame it, it will set you back a few extra dollars.

Canvas - if you pick a smaller size, comes in second, price wise.

Finally, the last contender, the pennant, which is more expensive than most unframed posters, but they add character, are easy to clean and can be more affordable than the larger canvas designs, while achieving the same level of appeal.

Posters and canvas are versatile options when it comes to achieving the ambiance you want your room to radiate with. Although posters might feel a bit  “cheap” at first glance, they are a good option for blending in your art with the room, if you pick the right kind of frame.

The three choices, if made correctly, can give an exclusive facelift to your home, while canvas and posters are the easiest to get right.

Pennants generally are for the ones that have a very specific ambiance in mind, but in the end - you are the one who will surround yourself with the art piece day in and day out, so screw what other people think, right?

In the end, the choice is truly yours to own.

Sure, I could go on and on about every tiny detail to keep in mind while choosing the perfect wall art for your home.

But you know what? It's you who holds the reins, and here's the kicker – you don't have to stick to every single minuscule rule.

Seriously, it's totally fine to toss some of those pesky guidelines out the window. If decking out your walls with pennants galore brings a grin to your face, go ahead and do it.

I can bet my bottom dollar it's going to look downright awesome anyway.


Thank you for sharing this Johan. I’ve always preferred posters with frames, but this is making me consider canvas and pennants. Very informative blog, I had no idea what a pennant was before this.

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