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What is Radiartvector?

Founded in June 2023, Radiartvector is an online-based home interior store, selling exclusively vibrant designs on Metal Posters, Canvas, Paper prints, and more.


“I wanted to challenge the beaten path, that is selling ‘public domain’ décor pieces in 800 different sizes - with or without, small meaningless ‘artistic freedoms’. In other words; I wanted to do something different from everybody else.”


Black and white picture of Johan Lundgård. founder of Radiartvector

- Johan L. founder of Radiartvector


For any space

Whether it's the A4 teenage bedroom, a grandeur living room, or even a small addition to your bathroom, Radiartvector has the perfect piece for you. Say goodbye to Hokusai's wave, and embrace the the exclusive touch of Radiartvector!


Decoration with meaning

The main focus at Radiartvector has been to create meaningful pieces of décor. The initial pieces in “R-Classics” were made to connect the most emotional and powerful aspects of life, to something you could feel and see. (please don’t touch the surfaces with smudgy fingers)

We’ve tackled weighty themes including; loss, grief, sorrow and depression, as well as the brighter side of the spectrum; beauty, hope, renewal and determination. Our pieces are sure to make an impact on whoever lays eyes on them.


Why choose Radiartvector?

Radiartvector challenges the beaten path, while listening to our customers needs. We value quality over all, and strive to streamline the process of bringing amazing decor pieces into your home.

We are continuously working to bring you the best art shopping experience out there, all from the comfort of your favorite chair.


    Keeping up with Radiartvector

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    If you are interested in the world of décor, you can head on over to our blog for tips, tricks and an ever-growing cartoteque of posts!


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